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After you downloaded and installed Open Broadcaster Software Classis/Studio please open OBS and click on "Settings": Go to "Output" in the list on the left. Output Mode: Simple. With the output mode "Simple" you can edit all essential settings like video/audio bitrate and encode. Start your live stream with a low video. OBS Studio. Latest Releases. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux. In this OBS Tutorial for DaCast, we will cover how to connect to the DaCast service and how to get set up for your first live stream. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) is a free to download, open source encoder. Anyone can create their own plugins for OBS; OBS can be tremendously versatile and is a. If you downscale your resolution down from say p to p it means that your CPU only has to encode your stream at p, which is only half the pixels. It's not very efficient if you're running Windows 7 or older, and it will not capture games running in full screen mode. StreamElements takes everything possible and puts it all into one single browser source. Add Game Capture as a source, name it the name of your game should be fine and choose the game you want it to capture. Game Capture captures the feed from a single game. It's the only source that will capture games running in full screen mode, but it can occasionally be unstable. You can also create a Setting Profile, but you don't have to. obs stream Sign in Get started. Max bitrate should be set according to our streaming standards. You can enforce your upload bitrate with the limit you set, this means that you will not upload past a certain amount above your desired bitrate. You can also choose whether you want mouse movement to be captured. The top option is Bilinear and it is the best option for streaming on a less powerful computer. Mexican escorts instruction has been sent to your porno web cam. You can now drag elements around the screen and resize them with your mouse. Name your new scene and then click OK. If you have a very slow connection also set the Keyframe intervall to 4 or 8. You can increase them later on if the stream quality is not good enough for you.

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Gaming Twitch streaming from your PC guide: Choose the monitor you want to capture listed by number and choose whether you want mouse movement to be captured. It's the only source that will capture games running in full screen mode, but it can occasionally be unstable. Settings in OBS can be tweaked for your streaming needs. To find your upload throughput, do an upload test here , which will give you your upload speed in megabits per second.

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How To Live Stream On YouTube With OBS How huge natural tits set up your first Open Broadcaster Software 'scene' with a webcam's video feed. But not more than But reality is that technology gets old fast, and almost every streamer can make things easier on their PC. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Selecting a Downscale Filter. Output Scaled Resolution is the final resolution you are sending to our servers. If you have multiple graphics cards, choose the one you'll be playing your game on. Under Video , your Video Adapter should be set to your default graphics card. You can build multiple scenes, which is useful if you stream different video games. A lower resolution will use less bandwidth; if your Max Bitrate from the Encoding section is low, you may want to use this feature. The first thing you will want to add to your scene is a gaming source -- the source that displays the game you're playing.

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